The following are books published by Writers in the Grove members and books we recommend to improve your creative writing.

Writers in the Grove Prompts, Volume One

Writers in the Grove Prompts Volume One - CoverWriters in the Grove presents our first group project, Writers in the Grove Prompts, Volume One, a book featuring over 360 prompts from the past ten years of weekly meetings, and includes poetry and prose from some of those prompts by our members.

Whether you are looking for prompts to encourage your creative writing skills, or are part of a creative writing group, these prompts will inspire you. The prompts are grouped into four categories: Thoughtful Prompts, Question Prompts, Word or Phrase Prompts, and Writing Lessons.

The book is available on All proceeds benefit the Forest Grove Senior and Community Center.


Books By Our Members

From Our Guest Speakers and Workshop Leaders

Writers in the Grove hosts a variety of guest speakers and workshops on writing, covering everything fiction, non-fiction, memoir, even blogging. Here books by some of our expert speakers.

Books We Recommend

Proceeds from the following book sales go to the Forest Grove Senior and Community Center, a nonprofit community center in Forest Grove, Oregon, with extensive educational, outreach, and support programs for seniors and community members, including Writers in the Grove.