Prompt-a-Month: Happiness

Writers in the Grove Prompt-a-Month badge.The March prompt-a-month for our Writers in the Grove members is:


The deadline for submissions is 4/1/2017. Submissions will be published during the next 30 days.

Writers in the Grove members may hand in their submissions during the workshops or use our members only submission form. Check out the guidelines and instructions for submissions in the announcement.

February 20 Prompt – Use Metaphors And Similes To Describe An Experience

The prompt was to write using metaphors and similes to describe an experience without telling us what it is.

The prompt came from “Jitterbug Perfume” by Tom Robins:

Thus, even though his back now was turned to the allure of the morning star, even though a stout breeze flattened his beard against his Adam’s apple, even though his damp clothing clung to him like frost, he whistled from stump to rock as if he was a tea kettle leading the pack in the annual pot-and-open cross-country marathon.

Write using metaphors and similes to describe an experience (as in this example that this is a man on a walk) without telling us what it is.


The following submission is by Writers in the Grove member Carolyn Bradley for the prompt Sleeping and Dreaming.

With fury the snow came down, slanted sideways like angry eyebrows, shattering its color over icy ground. It covered fence posts and car tops. It dusted fir boughs and bare limbs. It buried children’s tricycles and sandboxes until they were indistinct mounds. It filled empty flower pots and wheelbarrows to overflowing.  Then, with diminished force, it fell straight down, smoothing rough pathways and alleys with a soft frosting of vanilla. The garden tucked the white blanket up around its neck. It still slumbered. Seeds lay dormant. Worms and bugs slept. Bulbs waited. The ground, seemingly lifeless, was perched on the brink of awakening, its alarm clock a warming of the earth and bright morning sunlight. At the signal, the garden would shake off its white blanket and stretch its limbs toward the blue sky. Until then, it slept, breathing in and out and dreaming of soft soil, new grass and the rising of spring.

Writers in the Grove Monday Meeting at Adams Home

Due to the President’s Day Holiday on Monday, the Forest Grove Senior and Community Center in Forest Grove, Oregon, will be closed. We’ll be meeting again at the home of Parks and Paula Adams in downtown Forest Grove. Please contact us if you need directions.

If you would like to bring a potluck item for sharing and munching after, it would be appreciated.

A Little Dance

The following submission is by Writers in the Grove member Gretchen Keefer for the prompt Show Relationship.

While he collected the spices, she got out the meat. He reached for the chopping board and knife as she pulled vegetables from the refrigerator. “Do you want red and green peppers?” she asked.

”Let’s do both,” he answered.

She started heating the skillet and slipped behind him to reach for the plates. He ducked under her arm to pick up the celery, rinsed and draining by the sink. Planting a brief kiss on his neck as she passed, she stirred the meat sizzling in the pan. He reached over her to add the chopped vegetables. Arms around her waist he nuzzled her ear until she squealed. Giggling, she turned to face him. After a lengthy kiss she said, “Time for the wine. I’ll get the glasses.”

It was their regular Saturday night dinner dance.