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Writers In The Grove Author Book Sale


Find your next favorite read. Visit Writers in the Grove Book Sale on Saturday, September 17, 2022.  Our booth at the Forest Grove Corn Roast and Fall Festival on the Pacific University campus will be filled with Writers in the Grove author books. The following are just a few of the gems you’ll discover.

Adams, Paula Sheller, A Bear in My Sky, illustrated children’s literature

Adams, Paula Sheller, this little space, poetry

Farley, Ann, Tell Her Yes, poetry

Field, Susan K, Grit: A Biography of Phyllis (Phillips) Koenig, nonfiction

Gessner, Greg, A Gentle Rage, poetry

Greathouse, Lowell, Rediscovering the Spirit, From Political Brokenness to Spiritual Wholeness, nonfiction

Lubarsky, Diana Kay, Dante’s Angels, fiction

Lubarsky, Diana Kay, Fighting the Dragon, poetry

Nordgren, MaryJane, The Nandria Series, three historical fiction novels

Stackkpole-Cuellar, Anne, Fidelia’s Friends, illustrated children’s literature

Stackpole-Cuellar, Anne, Sculpting the Art in Music, Observations of a Flutist, nonfiction

TAWK Press, Seeds of … An Anthology of Pacific Northwest Writers, anthology

and more!

Author Robert Grandpa Kratz will give away children’s stories. He will print a story on demand, and each will include the child’s name printed in it as the main character. Now, how fun is that?

The Forest Grove Corn Roast and Fall Festival features the 31st annual Valley Art Chalk Art Festival in the morning; vendor booths, entertainment, and some four tons of local corn to eat from 11am to 5 p.m.

See you there!



The following was submitted by Writers in the Grove member, Patti Bond.

At The End Of The Rainbow

Happiness is something to strive for
When bad things happen and
Thinking there is always a pot
Of gold at the end of the
Rainbow, which comes

From within, when dreams and
Goals merge in our lives
When we least expect,

This happens to those, who wait
And are waiting to be seen
By others, for this emotion
is for all of us to have.



The following was submitted by Writers in the Grove member, Lowell R. Greathouse.
It was in response to the prompt: WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT…

Who would have thought?

When he opened his email and read the simple words, “Thank you, and God bless you. Your friend, Glen,” the words froze him in his tracks…stopping time for a moment.
Thanks for what? He hadn’t seen Glen in a long time and really didn’t know him all that well in the first place. What had made enough difference to be remembered all these years later? Or…even be remembered at all?
Was it something that happened in a conversation? Perhaps it had to do with what he had said or left unsaid? It was a real head scratcher.But maybe that’s the whole point of it all. You just never know. Was it what happened in a passing exchange, a look, or simply his presence that mattered? Things are remembered, savored, seen as blessings over time, even when one isn’t at one’s best.
But how do you really ever know? We travel around, passing each other in hallways and stores, along sidewalks and in meeting places, in groups and in conversations…just being ourselves, and we never know when what we say or do or who we are might make a difference to someone. Perhaps an email is just waiting to be sent. Perhaps it’s my turn to write an email to someone that simply says, “Thank you, and God bless you.” Because you just never know.



The following was submitted by Writers in the Grove member, Ralph Cuellar.
It was in response to the prompt:   WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT…

Made It This Far

Who would have thought
we’d make it this far?
After wandering in a wilderness
of our own making
Having cast out both demons and angels
our faith remains unshaken
Running roughshod towards destiny
It’s just another day in infamy
Could we yet go a different way?



The following was submitted by Writers in the Grove member, Mary Jane Nordgren.
It was in response to the prompt, A Four Letter Word Containing “R” AND “S”.


air transparent, air translucent
but aspects of air we cannot know
cannot see except by inference
when raven swoops over granite peak
into the valley, dipping and lifting
shifting only a feather or two to propel
guiding him on invisible currents
searching twittering gold aspens
carnelian maples
finally alighting near the top
of green sugar pine
he rests a moment
launches with two pumps of spread black wings
dives, swoops low
lifts again, talons empty
spirals high, and higher
circling with only a tilt or so
as, knowing the air like the back of his claw
he soars



Several members of Writers in the Grove will be participating in the Embraced Harvest Bazaar being held at the Old Town Church in Forest Grove on Saturday, September 28.

The WIG table will feature an outstanding selection of original children, poetry and adult books, and even music CDs from our members for sale. There will also be additional books from some local authors.

Embraced Harvest Bazaar
Old Town Church (on 15th between Cedar and Douglas)
2224 15th Avenue
Forest Grove, OR 97116

The event will run from 9am to 4pm, Saturday, Sept. 28.





The following was submitted by Writers in the Grove member, Mary Jane Nordgren.
It was in response to the prompt, “A taste, a touch, or a smell from childhood“.

taste of childhood

grandma was a lady, precise, particular

her dining room table manner formal

but at her green-patterned, formica kitchen table

sis and I got to dig into root beer floats

and slurp every last quarter-inch of sweet-bubbled foam


Good old’ Days

The following was submitted by Writers in the Grove member, Patti Bond.

Good old’ Days
by Patti Bond

Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s was so wonderful for many
different reasons.
Being able to play with neighbors- playing tether ball, tag in the
front yard yelling “you’re it”. Neighborhood kids talking to you
through the window screen while you are cleaning your room.
Going over to girlfriend’s house to talk, while they are busy
cleaning the house.

Getting up early to pick strawberries to
earn money for school clothes.

Then after cleaning up, hopping on my
bike and going to the craft house
and then swimming.
Going to grandma and grandpa’s in Baker
to stay and have fun Oh yea
my brother came along.
The sixties and seventies were so special.
My family and I had so much fun- sure there were
hard times but we all had a great time too.