The following was submitted by Writers in the Grove member, Lowell R. Greathouse.
It was in response to the prompt: WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT…

Who would have thought?

When he opened his email and read the simple words, “Thank you, and God bless you. Your friend, Glen,” the words froze him in his tracks…stopping time for a moment.
Thanks for what? He hadn’t seen Glen in a long time and really didn’t know him all that well in the first place. What had made enough difference to be remembered all these years later? Or…even be remembered at all?
Was it something that happened in a conversation? Perhaps it had to do with what he had said or left unsaid? It was a real head scratcher.But maybe that’s the whole point of it all. You just never know. Was it what happened in a passing exchange, a look, or simply his presence that mattered? Things are remembered, savored, seen as blessings over time, even when one isn’t at one’s best.
But how do you really ever know? We travel around, passing each other in hallways and stores, along sidewalks and in meeting places, in groups and in conversations…just being ourselves, and we never know when what we say or do or who we are might make a difference to someone. Perhaps an email is just waiting to be sent. Perhaps it’s my turn to write an email to someone that simply says, “Thank you, and God bless you.” Because you just never know.



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