Feb. 4, 2019.  The prompt for Monday’s meeting was taken from the book titled, The Pocket Muse – ideas and inspirations for writing, by Monica Wood.

A Tip on Style

Colors can be delivered as similes that
suggest something about the character’s
inner life. Your reader will receive a
character in a red shirt a little differently
if that shirt is described as the color of
spilled wine or fresh liver or SpaghettiOs.
A person’s skin can be the color of dead
leaves or dust or mud or newborn mice or
cocoa or cantaloupe or cream or plums or maize …

Write a character description using colors to imply or suggest internal aspects of the character as a way to lead the reader in developing a more rounded picture of who the character is.



Gaston Young Writers

As the students prepare for the winter holiday break from school, the second grade class at Gaston sent out letters to The Writers In The Grove. Here are a few excerpts;

I am 8 years old. My favorite color is blue. My favorite animals are lions and dogs
Do you have a dog? I have 2 dogs. One is fluffy and the other one is big.
Do you have a garden? Do you have a farm. We did have a garden.
Love C. 2nd Grade

I am 7 years old. How are you doing at your place?
What kind of animals do you have? I hope you have a good day. We have a new student. It is fun at school.
Sincerely J. 2nd Grade

I like to wach(sp) the magic school bus. I learned a bout Galpgos(sp) tortoises. They are slow and big.
It my bithday(sp) is on December 28th. It is always fun.
Do you have a dog or cat.
Have you gone to the zoo. I love the engines.
I also like the alligators.
Sincerely C. 2nd Grade


Given the Answer

The following is based upon the NaNoWriMo prompt, The Answer is Blue, and written by Writers in the Grove member, Ann Farley.

Question, if you will, the sky,
at turns sapphire, robin’s egg, pink-gray
glistening like scales down a salmon’s side,
shifting with the wind and rain, sun and moon.

Question the ocean, a lake, this small pond
reflecting an opalescence, shimmering,
or suddenly so flat it pulls you in deep,
just a trick of light, playing into the dark.

Question the eyes of a newborn
searching for focus, watery wash of pigment,
unaccustomed to all this brightness,
delicate orbs that deepen and set in time.

Question those favorite jeans of yours,
washed and worn beyond softness,
a sort of ready comfort rarely found;
at their very finest just before the fray.

Question, even, your own sweet mind
and its tenuous tether to your heart,
a relentless tugging, calling for change,
those low places you go to sort it all out.

Question all of it, again and again.
Keep quiet watch, for the answer is blue.

October 22,2015