Local Labyrinths

One of our recent speakers spoke of pilgrimages, and someone mentioned labyrinths as a form of pilgrimages in place. According to the World-Wide Labyrinth Locator there are at least 50 labyrinths in the Portland, Oregon, area. Many find solace and inspiration in waking mazes. There are also poems and stories published about mazes including the popular fantasy movie, The Labyrinth.

They provide an extensive list of labyrinths for your own personal pilgrimage within a 25 mile radius of Forest Grove.

Brent VanFossen stands in the middle of the Breightonbush Hot Springs Labyrinth - photography by Lorelle VanFossen.Closer to Forest Grove, you may explore the following labyrinths:

  • Pacific University just south of Old College Hall in the Southwestern Corner off College Way
  • Cornelius United Methodist Church on South Beech Street
  • Mission of the Atonement Church, SW Scholls Ferry Road, Beaverton
  • Sauvies Island near Collins Beach (parking pass required)

There is even a Labyrinth Network Northwest with events and activities focused on local labyrinths, including a recent holiday candlelight walk through a downtown Portland labyrinth.

Please note that some of these are private gardens or property available for access by appointment, and others are church, school, and open community areas. Please respect their property and hours of access.


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