Scrivener Basics Workshop July 23, 2015

Lorelle VanFossen is presenting an informal free workshop on Scrivener Basics in her home north of North Plains, Oregon, at 6:30PM on Thursday July 23. For directions, use the comments below, the contact form, or get them at the next Writer’s in the Grove weekly workshops. Carpooling from Forest Grove Senior and Community Center maybe available.

Scrivener Logo and Screenshots from official site

She has already released an ongoing Scrivener series of tutorials, videos, and guides to help you learn more about how Scrivener works. These are the workshop notes as well.

The workshop will cover:

  • Introduction to Scrivener
  • Explain and demonstrate why to use Scrivener for writing
  • How to create a simple project in Scrivener
  • Working with documents and research
  • How to import your writing and writing material into Scrivener
  • Basic tips on how to organize your writing and research in Scrivener

We will go slow as we can but it will help if you watch a few of the videos and read the referenced articles in What is Scrivener, Scrivener: Bootcamp, and Scrivener: Organize Your Writing and Thinking. The latter article will help you get your head around the difference between working with a word processor and Scrivener.

You will be required to bring your laptop with Scrivener installed. If you do not have it, go to Literature and Latte to get Scrivener as a free trial or paid downloadable (or order CD) version. The laptop does not have to be wifi enabled but it helps. You will also need a mouse (trackpad is painful but works), power cords for the laptop, and extra batteries for the mouse.

If you would like to bring food, drinks, and snacks to share, that would be appreciated. We will snack and work as there is much to cover.

To speed up the process, please bring a COPY file of a writing project you are working on (one or more files), pictures, scanned images or documents, and other digital research material you are using for your writing project.

This is a one time event. A follow-up event may be possible, or a class series at the Senior Center this fall if the demand is high enough.


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