A Prompt and an Assignment

At the end of last weeks class, a stack of magazines had been offered as the prompt for the class to be held on Sept. 21. It is as simple as leafing through a magazine and finding an image that speaks to you.

Using the image, write freely for 15 minutes.

Feel free to share your writing at the Monday class, or bring images that you select to be passed around as inspiration for others in the group.

You can write by describing what you see, or what the image makes you think about. It could be the emotion you feel, or want others to feel. What the photographer was looking for or what can’t be seen in the picture. Let your imagination run wild.

A photo from The Sun Magazine, a solitary form walking in the mist.

Also, a reminder that Sept. 21 is a celebration for Patty. She has successfully completed TOPS and has graduated to the KOPS program. Congratulations Patty!


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