Have No Fear and Watch Out

The following is from Writer in the Grove member, Patti Bond.

As I was walking to a nearby Plaid Pantry to get a coffee and some other things I heard something to my left. It was a squirrel it was moving at a fast pace.

It quickly went up the utility pole, but as I came closer the squirrel came back down, and stayed there looking at me. I said hi and it just stayed there not moving, just staring at me for five minutes. I was thinking and he was thinking that I wasn’t going to be mean to it.

The squirrel finally turned around and went up the pole, and I resumed my walk. After visiting the Plaid Pantry, I cut through a park and I saw quite a few squirrels. One gray squirrel ran up the tree and a brown one quickly came running down.

The grey one said to the brown one, “You are in my territory!” and forced him to leave. I looked up the tree grinning and saying ha ha I won while he was sitting glued to the branch just watching the brown one. The brown one ran across the path. He tried to go up another tree, but the same thing happened. He ran into another grey squirrel. He was thinking how this can be what luck I’m having. I spotted another squirrel in the tree watching the others, then all of sudden they all disappeared.

I spotted the dog roaming around under the trees. What bad luck for the squirrels.

What an adventure seeing five squirrels. One of these days I will have a camera with me, so I can take a picture of the squirrels. I will sit at a picnic table quietly like a cat waiting for a mouse and click the camera when I see a squirrel. Instead of eating it, I’ll just click the camera. Then I’ll think to myself I finally accomplished my goal to be closer to nature.


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