I met a man at the dumpster

The following is from Writers in the Grove member, Susan Schmidlin, and based upon the Prompt: Dumpster Diving.

I met a man at the dumpster
Or rather, our garbage met at the dumpster

His in his left hand
Mine in my right

We each swung our bags above shoulders
and arced them toward the square metal bin
The bags bumped together above the opening
Each bag refused to give an inch
and bounced unceremoniously outside the desired location
before hitting the ground

Mine on his left
His on my right

Busting open and spewing remnants of the last few days
Apologetically and with eyes down
we each traded sides
To clean up the mess that was created

Both of us unwilling and ashamed to have someone else
see the discards of our life
and know exactly who we really are



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