Prompt: Truth

The following questions were asked this week for the Writers in the Grove Monday morning workshop prompt in Forest Grove, Oregon:

What is truth?
How do you know?
Does it make a difference who says it?
Under what circumstances?
If it is printed, heard or seen on TV or radio, spoken by someone, does it matter who that someone is?
Did your parents teach you to believe in the tooth fairy? Why?
How did you feel about them later?
Can truth be stretched?
Are there absolutes or only relatives?
Can something hurtful but true do more or less harm than a comforting lie?
Who gets to decide?
What criteria should be used?
Should all people use the the same criteria?
If not, whose should be used and why?
Should you teach your children to believe in Santa?
When you write, what do you owe and to whom?
Why is this a dangerous discussion?


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