Saturday, June 25: Play at the Blue House

We will be doing our annual Writers in the Grove “Whatever happens at the Blue House stays at the Blue House” event on Saturday, June 25, 2016. Please arrive at the Blue House in Lincoln City, Oregon, between 9am and noon for a luncheon and afternoon of writing, games, or whatever happens. For directions, please contact MaryJane Nordgren or use our contact form.

Please bring potluck to share with 6-16 people.

This is a day of play on the Oregon Coast. If you decide to walk the beach or play in the sand, make sure you bring appropriate clothing, shoes, and sun lotion. It is supposed to be very warm.

That evening is the annual Harp Guitar in the Woods Concert with John Doan in Salem for those interested in making a full, full day of it. Tickets are available for the 8PM concert on his site and are $30. There is a potluck dinner at 6:30PM, a chance to meet some wonderful people and musicians and dine in their lovely garden on an ancient volcano overlooking the valley below. John’s concert of harp guitar music and storytelling is not to be missed.


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