NaNoWriMo Tips for Writing with Scrivener – Taking Notes

The blog for Literature and Latte, the makers of the popular writing tool, Scrivener, offer tips for NaNoWriMo on inline annotations, notes, and keeping track of inspiration that hits during the month-month writing marathon.

Since the daily word count is the main goal of the project for most people, this is okay. However, if you are also working toward the goal of producing something worthy of publishing—or at the very least, something you can be proud of—you might wish to somehow mark passages of text that you do not feel happy with, without completely deleting them or excluding them from the total counted work. There are a few ways of doing this in Scrivener.

The tips highlight the many ways a writer can take notes during the writing process in a way that doesn’t interrupt the creative workflow too much. This applies to the writing workflow and process beyond the scope of NaNoWriMo as well.


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