Writings From The Next Generation

The Writers In The Grove participants were given a chance to connect with kids from Gaston Grade School last year in Gaston, Oregon, a community next door to Forest Grove. A program was initiated by a parent to match up students with local writers for a chance for the next generation to practice writing with pen pals on a weekly basis.

Last year was a success with recognition in the local newspaper and a visit to the school from not only some of the pen pals but other professionals from the writing field. It was a fun and learning experience for the students as well as the adult writers.

This year, the students will have opportunities to see parts of their writing that they send to Writer’s In The Grove pen pals published in this category we call Kids Write.

Hailing from the 2nd Grade of Gaston Grade School, here are some excerpts;

C. writes:

I am 7 years old. I have one dog.

I have one cat. I like Pokemon.

T. writes:

I like playing with my friends and I play in the park. I hope you can tell me more about Samson.

D. writes:

My chores are making my bed and getting the dogs water. I also like to play Pokemon.

And a poem from A.:


Smart in your heart

Because you are smart

Stay tuned for more great material from our new Kids Write section and efforts.


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