Science Fiction-Fantasy Writers Retreat in April

The annual Science Fiction/Fantasy Story Weekend with Wordcrafters writing group in Eugene, Oregon, is April 13-15 in the mountains along a river in the Oregon Cascades. The weekend is limited to 15 participants and you will be staying in lovely 3-bedroom cabins with others members of the team. There is time for gathering and solitude for writing. The group is lead by Nina Kiriki Hoffman, author of adult and YA novels and more than 250 science fiction and fantasy stories.

Disclosure: I attended this even a couple years ago and had a wonderful time. I would be going again if it didn’t conflict with another activity. I highly recommend it. Nina takes time to spend with each person once or several times throughout the weekend to hep walk you through your writing challenges, plot, the “science,” and offer any help you need with your writing. Other frequent attendees are also well-published and experienced to help you through your writing process, but don’t let that intimidate you. There are writers at all levels of experience attending, all there dedicated to the writing process.


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