The prompt for last Monday’s meeting was to write about a “first” event or experience in your life.

For example it could be about your first car, or your first kiss.

  • Make a list of three or four “first” events or experiences from your life.
  • Choose one from your list and write about it. Describe what you felt at the time or how it impacted you.




  1. Greetings my fellow Writers, This is Sandra K. Yeaple Serrano (SKYS) I am so sorry I have not been coming to the group with Debby, but my ride broke down, then my daughter and son had surgeries and I do their wound care on them both. No  I am not a nurse, just a mom the had to learn a thing or two. LOL After all it’s what a mother does, is it not. Anyways, I hope this email reaches the right people, in our group. I wanted to still be among you all but it way have to be my email only, as they need me right now. And this one is about “first times” lol I will tell you a story shall I? The first time, I knew I was different.The age was 5 years old, it was summer time, in Portland, Oregon, very hot, as so my child’s mind thought.It was colder under my bed, so I crawled under there, and fell asleep in the far corner, hiding in my corner.I was asleep and I woke with a start at the very bad dream I just had. So I went running down the stairs of our three story house, my grandfather had bought for my mom, when they all come from the Wyoming Territory back in his days. My grandfather had boughten the house right next door for my Uncle too. But as I ran down the stairs calling for my mommy, I saw her on the couch folding the endless laundry she always tried doing, with all four of us kids. I was crying and she said, whats wrong? I said, I had a bad dream mommy, and she said to tell her about it, so I did. I told her that our dog Bell, had ripped open the screen top my little brother and I used to hold our lizards in there cage, as we let them get some sun. I said Bell ate mine too and spit it out on our front porch! As I cried to my mommy, She said that it was only a dream. And dreams we not real. I hugged her and said thank you mommy, I love you! She said you’re welcome and I love you too! We heard Bell barking and running around outside, so mom, and I got up and ran onto the front porch, to see what the ruckus was about. Bell was at the cage of the lizards we were letting sun bathe, just like in my dream, my mother and I watched Bell and she did the same thing as in my dream! She opened the cage by scratching off the screen, and reached in and grabbed a lizard, chomping on it as she ran over to us on the porch, and prompting spit out my lizard, right between my mother and me! I looked up at my mom, with my jaw hanging open, with a look of, I didn’t do it, on my face! Not to mention the look of shock and disbelief on her own face!  That was my very first Vision God gave me, come to life! Written BY: Sandra K. Yeaple Serrano (SKYS)


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