The two prompts given today were taken from the book MosaicNew and Collected Poems, by Robin White Turtle Lysne.

1) This is the first stanza from the poem, Finding Each Other.
Consider the way streams, people or ideas can flow together.

How can I speak
about the way two streams
fall from the same mountain,
meet, mix and flow together.

2) This is the poem titled, Ashes.

We threw them into the salty sea and wind,
her tiny bones clung to my socks, my shoes
I could not, would not shake them off.

We turned back from the sea,
from the waves,
from the eternal night.

We pressed our palms
to the wind, blowing us into
horizontal sea spume.

Her heart floats between
stars somewhere,
mine remains in the raging sea,

yours in the eternal night.
Her bones
are blue.



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