July 22, 2019

There were three prompts in today’s meeting:

First Prompt: This month is the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing, so the prompt is: One small step…

Second Prompt: A poem taken from the book titled, “A Pebble In The Sky, with beaches”, by Bev Walker.


A path taken, invisible, indestructible
You know where it is, you’re drawn to it.
The wind may take you there.
Then again, it may not.
You can’t see or touch it with your hand.
It’s not on a map.
Others may show you some of it,
Just to keep you on course.
But you must flap your own wings.
No one feels the wind in your face for you.
It gives you wings, takes you traveling
From the sea to a house in a tree
From universe to universe you may go
But it goes nowhere.
It’s the voice of parent, friend, child
Or it makes no sound at all
Sometimes the view takes your breath away.
Sometimes the weather grounds you.
Even then you discover
It’s worth every minute.
Take the invisible , indestructible path
Of His incomprehensible truth.

Third Prompt: A poem taken from the book titled, “A Pebble In The Sky, with beaches”, by Bev Walker.

Between Raindrops

There’s this space I like. Here. Now.
   It’s somewhere between Christmas
and a brave new world. It’s a quiet space.

The noise, hurry, hoopla, deadlines, anxieties
   Are gone.
It’s not time yet to get up and start over.

It’s not time to pay bills, clean house, write letters.
   Go. Do.
It’s a space warm and slow.

It’s like the quiet of a stable
   Cloaked with gentler sounds
As childhood ought to be.

The sun shines between showers
   It doesn’t know yesterday,
Or tomorrow.

Yesterday thousands died in an earthquake
   Wars have not ceased.
Disease and misery flourish.

But like the space between raindrops
   There are moments even dragons must sleep.
Treasure this space. And then…

“The cattle are lowing, the baby wakes…”
Like the peace of snowfall
Take Christmas with you into the fray.



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