3rd grade

Third Grade Writers

Recent letters to pen pals gives us these excerpts from the 3rd Grade of Gaston Grade School.

I enjoyed your letter. I’m lucky that my house is not a monster because it would eat my mom and dad and that would be scary.

And we are teaching Razer my dog not to bite.

What do you want for Christmas. I want a desk that is a bed and a deskbed. That is what it is called. I also want a spiny chair. I want that because I could do my homework on my desk and I can plug my computer in and do schoolwork at my desk.

Merry Christmas

F. 3rd Grade


There was a very interesting word that caught the attention of many people in the class recently, can you decipher the word?


Unknown. 3rd Grade

(The interesting spelling is the word “questions”!


3rd Grade Writers: Favorites and Lessons Learned

I learned how to braid my hair and my moms hair and the other day it straightened my moms hair.

– C. 3rd Grade

I like being in the 3rd grade because you learn about multiplication.

– E. 3rd Grade

My favirit shape is a sphere. My favirit animal is a aligater.

– E. 3rd Grade