From the Prompt Cavort

The following poem was inspired by the prompt called “Cavort.”


A shoe found near the front door
The well-worn t-shirt just a few paces later
What was left of Stinky, the favorite bedtime blanket,
was tossed casually amongst the weeds
at the edge of the lane
With holey jeans and unders discarded
The six year old dances buck-naked
in an unexpected summer rain.

Prompt: Cavort

A simple word led Writers in the Grove to come up with a room full of diverse stories and poems.

The group had discussed the arc of a piece and how to take it from the beginning hook, to action, to resolution. It was mentioned that it is like dominoes set to fall in a pattern, each section of the piece needs to connect to the next domino in order for the pattern to fall in succession. Each thing that happens, has to happen for a reason.

The prompt was: Cavort.

See where the word takes you.