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Diana Lubarsky’s Holocaust Images Presentation September 1

Diana Lubarsky Presentation of Sculpture and Poetry at Forest Grove Library - Flyer.

Diana Lubarsky, member of Writers in the Grove, will be presenting a program of story and poetry at the Forest Grove Library in Forest Grove, Oregon, on Tuesday, September 1, 2015, at 7PM in the Rogers Room.

Diana Lubarsky (D.K. Lubarsky) is world renown for her sculpture and poetry on the subject of the Holocaust. A sculpture for over 35 years, her work is on display around the world and a permanent collection at the Florida Holocaust Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. She will bring six of her more than 60 works from her Holocaust Images collection to the library as well as the poetry pieces that accompany each work.

The event is free, a part of the Cultural Series Events at the Forest Grove Library, 2114 Pacific Avenue, Forest Grove, Oregon 97119. For more information, contact the library at r503-992-3247.


Unlimited Health and Resources Were Available – Who Would I Be?

The following is by Diana Lubarsky, one of our active and prolific members. It is in response to the prompt, If You Had Unlimited Resources.

Spiral of clock.With all the funds I’ll ever need in my pocket, and health and conflict gone, I see myself shedding the skin of survival mode. I slip my thin, healthy young woman’s body from my yacht onto a kayak and paddle gently across the tepid Caribbean waters under a perfect blue sky. A gentle sun warms my back. No longer in survival mode, I am free at last to write of stars and sun, mountains and ethereal beauty; the sights I’ve been privileged to see; the God woven fabric of life.

But soon, I am bored. Inhaling beauty all day is like eating only sugar. My stomach aches. My gaze focuses beyond the magnificent harbor where I lounge, toward the teaming city; a place of dreams and despair, of fortunes lost and lives gambled.

At night I leave my silk shawl behind, scrub my face, don sackcloth, and enter the gates of the destitute. This is where I belong. Birthing babies, bandaging wounds, bringing hope … neck deep in sweat and blood.

Although the majesty of mountain peaks and orchestral music sing to my heart, the first cry of a slimy new born taking its first breath in my arms replenishes my soul.

I have learned, wealthy or not, I am a healer.