Prompt-a-Month: Garden

Writers in the Grove Prompt-a-Month badge.This is the first of the prompt-a-month series for our members we’re producing here on our Writers in the Grove site. All the details are in the announcement including a few guidelines.

The prompt for the month of June is:


Member submissions will be accepted until the deadline of June 31, 2016, and will be published throughout July.

Have fun!

Senses by Susan Schmidlin

April 20, 2015

The earth between my fingers
Dark loam that crumbles at the touch
Warmed by the spring sun
Just moist enough to dampen my knees.

Visitors in the form of potato bugs,
Worms, bees, and slugs
Come and go as I toil
Leaving mere bits of memories in the stillness.

I notice something in the breeze
That distracts me from my work
Makes me pause and I breathe in
As the lilacs begin to sing.

Inspired by the Prompt: Senses.