new year’s resolution


There were two prompt options presented today.

Prompt 1:

There was an incident in the news this morning concerning an Amtrak train that was traveling from Seattle to Portland. It had gone off the tracks while crossing an overpass over the I-5 highway and some of the train cars were hanging from the overpass above the highway. There were reports of multiple injuries and some casualties. This was a developing news story and that was all the information available.

The prompt is to consider what you would do if you were waiting at the train station in Portland expecting someone to arrive on this train and heard the news.

Prompt 2:

It will be a new year in a couple of weeks and it’s that time when people make New Year’s resolutions.

Consider this possible resolution: Who do you want to be in the time you have left in this life and what gift would you give yourself to become the person you wanted to be?