The prompt for the group meeting was the following line:

My wife tells me I’m really unfair to one of our children, but she’ll never tell me whether it’s Roger, Claire, or the lazy stupid one.


Prompt: In Praise of Mothers

The prompt this week relates to yesterday’s Mother Day holiday.

Write to or about a mother. It doesn’t have to be yours. It could be someone you know, or just a character.

Lost Child

The following is by Veronica Weeks-Basham, a member of Writers in the Grove. It was inspired by Prompt: Being Brave.

I have decided that I don’t exist.
That person died when my parents refused to accept or even see
The person that I was discovering myself to be.
That person, like the mythical Atlantis,
Sank beneath a sea of criticism, disregard and approval
When my being reflected back their own comfortable version of themselves.