The following was inspired by the prompt, Quiet, and is by Writers in the Grove member, Anne Stackpole-Cuellar.

From Quiet

Whisper of dividing cells
The branching of capillaries
Rush of vein highways
Ringing of nerve circuitry
A duet of quick and slow
by central drumming hearts
The voices outside the womb
Near and far
Coming into clarity
The cries of change
And calming waves caress
A small but penetrating call
What makes this sound?
It feels like me.



There were 2 prompts given in Monday’s meeting.

1) Where are you when you’re listening to ‘quiet’? What is around you? What do you smell?

2) The second prompt has 2 options to choose from:
What color is ‘quiet’?
What do you see by a flash of lightening?