social interactions

Prompt: Favorites

The prompt this week was on favorites. Do you have the experience of being the favorite child? When raising children, it’s hard to be equal. Did you end up having a favorite even though you didn’t know it at the time. What does favoritism do to a family and relationships? What about work? Are there favorites at work, the ones the boss always turns to for help or wisdom? How can we treat others, even our own family, equally?

Write whatever comes to you on this topic.


November 30 Prompt – WalMart

Writers in the Grove NaNoWriMo Prompt a Day badgeThe following prompt is by Shannon, a Writers in the Grove member, a part of our Prompt-a-Day project to support NaNoWriMo during November 2015. Each prompt was generously donated by our Writers in the Grove members. You are welcome to take this prompt in any direction you wish.

Your character is waiting outside a WalMart. Describe the people they see coming out of the store.

Place them outside a Nordstrom department store. Describe the people they see coming out of that store and compare them.