Scrivener: Bootcamp

There are two videos by a bestselling journalist and author that take you on an in depth but easy-to-do bootcamp learning how Scrivener works.

Along the way, he shows you some of his techniques, great ways of rethinking how you write as well as how you use Scrivener.

Pause and rewind as you need and rewatch them again and again as you learn more about how Scrivener works.

If you watch any videos on Scrivener, these should be the two you choose. They are each about 60-90 minutes long.


Prompt: Doodle with Words

The prompt this week was a fun one.

Doodle with words.

The goal of the exercise was to break through writer’s block. Taking a blank piece of paper, write a word. Write another word attached or near it. Play with the way you write the word. Maybe draw a picture next to the word. No rules, just keep adding words one by one and see where they take you. When you are ready, start writing.