Prompt: How Do You Communicate With Someone Who Has A Very Different Point Of View From Your Own

Today’s prompt used as our starting point the following quote:

Dr. Amy Uehlman, Georgetown Law School

“Our goal in debating provocative topics is actually not to reach a consensus or agreement. We’re not looking for common ground; we’re looking for something much deeper. We’re looking for a sharing of personal narrative, a genuine respect for one another and understanding of others’ experiences that helped to shape their opinions even if, especially if, those opinions are divergent from our own. Not because we merely tolerate them, but because we truly see them and we truly care.”

Write about how we might be able to really listen to another point of view very different from our own and attempt to appreciate the experience of the person expressing it.

Meeting Our Selves

The following was written and submitted by our Writer’s in the Grove member, Ralph Cuellar.

Our “selves” are like spirits
Until we meet in the flesh
and misunderstand each other
When we’re offered information
we’d rather not accept
When we’re confronted with alternate
versions of our dreamed reality.
Our external world is like a series of
collisions in a bumper car amusement ride.