writing letters

Letters Written, Never Meaning To Send…

The following is from Writers in the Grove member Ann Farley. It is inspired from the Prompt: Writing Letters You Might Never Send.

Write a letter I wouldn’t send?

Did that once, wrote a letter to a college professor, and I intended to send it, but the tone was snarky. I knew if I mailed it, I’d never hear from her. Put that letter in an envelop, but stopped short of a stamp. Stuffed it down in the couch cushions to give it time, give myself a little distance, reconsider. Perhaps rewrite it entirely.

Two days later I looked for that letter, tore the couch apart, got belly-flat on the floor looking for it.

Gone. It was gone.

Asked my husband if he’d seen an envelop in the couch, and sure enough, he had. Found it, put a stamp on it, put it in the mailbox a day or so ago.

Well, damn.

Maybe, I thought, maybe the tone wasn’t so bad. But I knew it was, and there was no pulling it back. I never heard from that professor again.

Never wrote a letter I wouldn’t send again, either.

Not worth the loss.