Being in The Moment

Based upon the prompt from the Mark Thalman workshop in June 2015.

I’m listening to wise words I want to hold in my head.
Husband pings. His flight just landed in Indianapolis.
A dog growls on the sidewalk outside. The owner scolds.

The speaker makes a point that might change my life. Realign my thinking.
Phone flashes. Neighbor calling. Answer or not.
Police siren whines in the distance. Coming close? Moving away. Breathe.

Confirmation is spoken. I’m not alone in my way of thinking. Reassured.
Beep. Transcription of message arrives.
“This is Max up with you on the screen and island of me…Boston yo case firm up…”

“Study your craft,” he continues. “Watch, listen, learn.”
Husband says luggage still in Atlanta.
Motorcycle passes, snorting out its muffler.

“Sometimes the moment is given to you to take…”
Husband whines he can’t get the rental car he wants.
“…other times you have to slug it out and fight for it.”


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