Prompt: Turn a Fairy Tale on Its Head

The prompt this week came from Writers in the Grove member, Bill Stafford, a poet and long-time resident of Forest Grove.

Take something you know well like a fairy tale, children’s tale, saying, or anything that most people are familiar with and turn it on its head. Twist it around and see what happens if you change things up.



  1. Rewind

    You have all heard the story or poem of Miss Muffet. Well in our current society correctness
    we will call her Ms. Muffet. Apparently she was sitting on a tuffet. Now a tuffet seems
    to be a padded stool. In research I found that she was actually milking a cow. So most
    probably she was not on a padded, nice stool, but rather a three legged barn stool made of
    wood. Since she was milking a cow it begs the question, was she really such a young girl?
    Undoubtedly at the least a teenager. Then they conjecture that she was consuming curds
    and weigh. Just cannot be right. Curds maybe but weigh, yuk. Weigh tastes like water
    from a saltwater fish tank. Most probably she was eating cottage cheese that she made
    herself from the milk that the cow produced. Now we come to the part where a spider
    supposedly sat down beside her. How does a spider sit. Does it park its bulbous abdomen
    on the ground and lift its front 4 legs, crossing its 4 hind legs, to lean back and relax?
    Maybe I don’t know. I do know that Ms. Muffet, in the barn milking a cow is not
    going to be frightened away. Oh no, no. Mr spider is history, gone, kaput! This tale
    really needs updating.

    William Stafford 10/7/2015


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