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  1. Greetings,  I know you have not heard from me, in a long time, and I hope I am still a member of Writer’s in the Grove! I just did this prompt for you all, and I hope you like it, i am sorry If I do not go through the proper channels, but i have stated before I am not real comp savvy. LOL So my apologies! 


    Red, White &Blue.

    I wish to honor you.

    I wish to givecredit to you.

    You are beautiful tome.

    Red, White &Blue I stand with you.

    You stand for theAmerica’s true.

    You call those tofight for you.

    You still fly tothis day, old glory.

    You began in adifferent time.

    You began for honor,to give courage.

    You fly to show thecolors we stand for.

    You fly to showothers why too.

    You fly so thatothers see the beauty too.

    You fly to callthose to fight, to take a stand.

    I wish to honor you,old red, white & blue.

    I am no soldier ofyou, but I am a survivor too.

    I am a soldier of adifferent kind, old glory!

    I stand with honorhere today in my own time.

    I stand for the onethat created all nations!

    Old glory, I loveyou so much.

    The one that diedtook the ultimate sacrifice.

    The one that gaveevery drop of his red blood.

    Jesus is my king ofKings, this is true.

    He made me a soldierin my own right!

    I am a warriorbecause of him, the great I am!

    To honor God is togive Jesus the Glory!

    To honor him, this Itry to do, always!

    By telling hisstory, and my own too.

    Because of God, I amhere to honor him.

    Because of God, Ican also honor all soldiers too.

    Because Of Jesus, Iget to honor all those that gave!

    So this is for Godsglory, for him, I’d die too.

    So I honor you all,that are life survivors!

    I stand under thecolors of the red, white & blue.

    But this is also tohonor the one, that took a fall.

    But God said, hewill rise again, and come again too!

    All has come topass, present, a very near future, see!!

    So look up and seeold glory flying high too!

    This God my father Ihonor you with, a poem for you.

    I may stand underthe colors of old glory, father, Praise God.

    But I will die, andbleed a thousand times over for you!

    You saved me longbefore I ever knew, you chose me too.

    You created me, tofollow you, and you always knew!

    Thank you God,Jesus, & The holy Ghost Too!

    Thank for everysoldier, that has pledged & fallen too!

    Thank you to theirfamilies from all times, for allowing you to go.

    Here, I stand underGods great skies, a humbled soldier too.

    But I will be inGods service someday in heavens bright lights.

    Until then, I am asoldier in this journey of life!!

    I give honor whereit is due, I give honor to God above all.

    I give honor to hisson Jesus Christ.

    I give honor to theHoly Ghost as well.

    I give honor toanyone that fights for the rights of anyone.

    I give honor for thecolors, I stand under, red, white & blue too.

    I give honor to allcolors under Gods creation of beaut within the soul.

    To the fallen, lost,and forgotten, in times back, present and future.

    God has never leftyou, he is your forever shadow, watching over you.

    Turn back yourhearts to God again, I beseech you all, before the heavens part!

    The Holy soldierwill ride one last time, when the horn blows!

    With legions ofangels & soldiers galore, to bring what is foretold.

    Read, seek, and youwill see, what is now coming to pass, in his code!

    His flag will flytoo, his banner will out shine all things.

    He comes again soon,to gather lose that served, and gave all.

    He comes, to bringjustice and the hammer down too!

    So come one, comeall, can you hear your call??

    You are a soldier inthis life, for Christ Jesus?

    I know, I am, by hisright, I answered his call!!

    I stand here underthe red, white and the blue!

    I stand for God,Jesus, & The Holy Ghost always.

    I stand for love ofthis great land, I was born into.

    I am a soldier forGod, under my flag of red, white & blue!!

    I am for the love ofall nations, all faces, all hearts that beat.

    I am for the love ofall creatures, and fur babies too.

    I am a soldier, asurvivor, but I am a lover of God.

    He is my life, myheart, my everything!

    I pleaded my heartand soul to him alone!

    I love God & myfamily & my country!

    I am a housewife, amom, a poet, a survivor!

    I am also a truebeliever in the Holy Bible & the Gospel!

    I am what Godtransformed me into.

    I give all honor toGod & red, white, a blue.

    God, I really,really, love you, thank you!!!!

    Written By: SandraK. Yeaple Serrano (SKYS).

    Thanks for taking the time to read it all. Sandy Serrano


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