July 8, 2019

The prompt for the writing group today is from a blog post by Susan Schmidlin titled, “My Favorite Holiday”

My Favorite Holiday
July 4, 2019  by Susan Schmidlin

Yup you guessed it, my favorite holiday is HAY SEASON! What? It is true, my favorite time of the year is hay season, I like it so much that I personally call it number one on my holiday list. Now, you may be thinking, what is there to like about hay season since there have been numerous posts about issues, worries, problems, long days and stress that doesn’t end until the final bale is in the barn. So I will try to list them (in no particular order).

  • I get plenty of fresh air
  • The hay fields smell glorious as the green grass is drying in the sunshine
  • Long days in the hay field make for very sound sleep at night
  • The cows are happy because they are in charge of cleaning up each field as we finish and there is lots of good munching out there
  • My abdominal muscles get a daily workout
  • Long hours on the tractor give me time to think about our Universe and to ponder and solve difficult equations (trouble with this is that notes cannot be written since two hands are needed to keep tractor where it is supposed to be and the second I get off the tractor all revelations disappear into the ether)
  • The residents of the whole household are too tired to bicker with each other
  • My farmer-tan (elbows to wrists and neck to ear tips) makes me look like I just got off a Caribbean cruise if I wear the right clothing
  • I have gotten really good at hand signals to other family members across the field (examples are: do I leave the tractor in the middle of the field or bring it to the barn? do you need a coat? how about a break since I need to piddle, want to dance or may be delirious? -these three are the same gesture and sometimes are all happening at the same time). Anyway, I am going to rock the next game of charades
  • I don’t have to cook since everyone is too tired to eat. Just heat up something from the freezer with a salad before trundling off to bed
  • I wear out some of the most awful clothes I have (its my way of cleaning out my closet since hay season is rough on clothing). This year I ruined two pair of jeans, three shirts, a sweatshirt, several pairs of socks, two pair of heavy duty gloves and one pair of shoes. Good riddance to every last one of them
  • I tend to lose a few pounds without even trying
  • I get to celebrate this holiday for days, and days and days and…
  • And the most important reason that I love hay season holiday: I am sooooo happy when it is over!


The prompt is to make a list that tells a story.



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