November 11 Prompt – Sports

The following prompt is from one of our Writers in the Grove members for our NaNoWriMo prompt-a-day project for November 2016.

The prompt today is sports.

Are your characters athletes? Do they have a favorite sport? Do they play or like to watch? How does physical fitness wind its way into your story and the lives of your characters?

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November 26 Prompt – Body Parts

Writers in the Grove NaNoWriMo Prompt a Day badgeThe following prompt is by Susan Schmidlin, member of Writers in the Grove, a part of our Prompt-a-Day project to support NaNoWriMo during November 2015. Each prompt was generously donated by our Writers in the Grove members. You are welcome to take this prompt in any direction you wish.

Have a discussion with a body part.

The character just stubbed a toe, sliced a finger when making dinner, or fell off a step and twisted an ankle, broke a bone, etc.

Write the dialogue between the character and the body part.

Prompt: Writing with Verbs Only

The prompt involves writing with verbs only to describe a scene.

  • Moving in a confined space. How does the character or characters move around within the space of the scene. Think of moving verbs that describe sound as well as movement like slither, slide, struggle, face.
  • Talking in a particular volume. How does the character(s) speak. Use speaking verbs that describe the sound and volume to paint the picture like shout, scream, whisper, hiss, mumble, argue.
  • Extend a body part. Have the character(s) move their limbs with verbs that paint the movement such as reach, push, pull, lift, thrust, curl, stab, twist.