Prompt: Words Have Texture

The prompt is based upon “Hiatus,” a poem by David Feela published in LabLetter in April 2015.

A pot of tea steeping
on the marble sill, its steam
clouding the window.

Sunrise on the counter
like the yolk of a broken egg,
oh happy disaster of morning…

Write a descriptive poem or short prose. Edit it to focus writing with texture adjectives and verbs. Choose words that are visual, painting a textural picture such as marble sill not just window sill, steam clouding the window not just steam rising, sunrise on counter not light, etc.

Prompt: Writing with Verbs Only

The prompt involves writing with verbs only to describe a scene.

  • Moving in a confined space. How does the character or characters move around within the space of the scene. Think of moving verbs that describe sound as well as movement like slither, slide, struggle, face.
  • Talking in a particular volume. How does the character(s) speak. Use speaking verbs that describe the sound and volume to paint the picture like shout, scream, whisper, hiss, mumble, argue.
  • Extend a body part. Have the character(s) move their limbs with verbs that paint the movement such as reach, push, pull, lift, thrust, curl, stab, twist.