November 6: Speaker Tim Applegate

Monday, November 6, 2018, author Tim Applegate will be speak at our Monday morning workshop from 9AM-11AM at the Forest Grove Senior and Community Center in Forest Grove, Oregon. This is a free, regular workshop event and all are welcome to join us. Bring pen and paper and an open mind as usual.

Tim Applegate will be speaking about publishing submission acceptance and rejections. He is the author of the novel Fever Tree and three books of poetry. A commercial contractor specializing in furniture and wood restoration for the hotel and cruise ship industry, he retired in 2015 to dedicate the next part of his life to writing full-time. He is the co-winner of the Tillie Olsen award for Creative Writing, and his work has been published in the Florida Review, The South Dakota Review, Lake Effect, The Briar Cliff Review, and others. He currently lives in the foothills of the Coast Range in Oregon.


Where to Publish Your Short Story

During our Writers in the Grove workshops, we often suggest to our members that a particular work needs to be sent out to a magazine or online publishing site for publishing.

While there are many writing contests a writer could enter with a poem or short story, the following are articles featuring a variety of places that want your story short work. And some pay fairly well.

There are many articles on the web to help you get your short story through the submission process well, but take note of the specifics in “How to Get Your Short Stories Published in Lit Mags” by Writer Unboxed. There are some great guidelines to help.

Glimmer Train Accepting Submissions for Fall

Glimmer Train Press is accepting original short stories through the rest of the year by August 31, 2016:

  • Very Short Fiction Contest (300-3,000 words)
  • Fiction Open Contest (3,000 – 6,000+ words)
  • Family Matters (stories about families from 1,000 – 5,000+ words)
  • Standard Category (open to all – Maximum word count 12,000)

The two sisters, Susan and Linda, have been producing Glimmer Train Press since 1991 are open to just about anything fiction. They pay out our $50,000 a year to writers through their various contests and publishing fees. The copyright is retained by the author, and they will accept previously published work, as long as fewer than 75 copies have been sold.

This year, they’ve announced that they’ve expanded the number of months submissions are open to only emerging writers, allowing more new writers to get an opportunity. They’ve also increased the first place prizes in every category.

Literary short fiction works are to be original, and comply with their content guidelines with accompanying reading and submission fees. Prizes range from $300 – $3,000.

Check their submission calendar for more information and deadlines.

Lend an Ear, Come and Hear 2016

Lend an Ear 2015 - Susan Schmidlin distributes goodies after her reading to the audience.Writers in the Grove invites you to attend our 7th Annual Juried Reading Event, Lend an Ear, Come and Hear 2016, at Plum Hill Winery in Gaston, Oregon, on Saturday, July 9, 2016, from 10:30am until the last reader (typically ends about 1pm).

The event is free and open to all ages. A pizza wagon will be on hand for those wishing to stay for lunch, and the winery will be open with wine, soft drinks, and snacks.

If you would like to submit an entry for reading at the event, the deadline is June 13, 2016. You may download and print out the form and send them by mail to:

2016 Lend an Ear, Come and Hear
47777 S.W. Ihrig Road
Forest Grove, OR 97116-7327

Submissions must be family-friendly and are limited to 4 minutes out-loud reading time. Applicants are limited to one or more pieces of prose or poetry, must be original and written by the applicant, and not infringe upon any copyrights.

Submissions will be reviewed for acceptance by a Selection Committee and authors of accepted pieces will be notified no later than June 30 for the July 9th event.

Again, we invite everyone to come join us in the beautiful Plum Hill Winery for this special event featuring local writers sharing their brilliant work for free.

Plum Hill Winery is located at 6505 SW Old Hwy. 47, Gaston, Oregon, just off Old Highway 47 south of Forest Grove.

Download and print Lend an Ear Application 2016 (PDF) to submit your entry by June 13, 2016.

Getting Your Article, Short Story, or Poem Published for the First Time

Writers in the Grove is a creative writing group, focused more on supporting each other’s writing passions through education and writing opportunities. Some of us are also published from time to time. While the group’s focus isn’t on how to get published, we do cover that topic occasionally.

This article serves as a general tutorial and guide to help you get your work published for the first time, taking you step-by-step through the generic process of submitting your work in article, story, or poem formats, not novels and non-fiction books, though the process is similar.

The process begins with craft, learning as much as you can about what you are writing and preparing to submit before you begin the process.

Know The Craft of Writing

Each writing genre has specific standards for writing format, form, and function, and it is part of the development of your craft to learn these.

Understand, editors don’t want to reject anyone’s writing. Their job is to accept and reject those that don’t pass through their filters. Many editors are inundated with dozens if not hundreds of submissions weekly, sometimes daily, so they’ve learned to reject for simple grammar mistakes or be the rare ones to see past the poor language skills to find the gem of the story. Present your best work so you never give them an excuse to reject your work.

Improve Your Skills with Writers in the Grove

Writers in the Grove offers a chance for you to bring your short story or poem to our group to read in the second half of our weekly workshops. This is a great opportunity for gentle feedback, but also practice your reading skills.

We also produce two author reading events annual, Lend an Ear and Wintersong, a chance to submit and read a 4-minute piece before an audience of 50-100 people, again, another excellent opportunity to read publicly and get public exposure for your work.

  • Learn How to Spell or Use Spell Check Wisely: Some editors are forgiving about the occasional spelling mistake, others are not. If you regularly misspell words, learn them or pay close attention to them when you use them.
  • Learn Punctuation Rules: Learn how to use punctuation, and understand why you use commas, colons, semi-colons, hyphens, and quote marks, and how to constrain yourself from using exclamation points.
  • Become a Grammar Guru: Learn sentence structure, prepositions, clauses, and how to use and not use them. Writing is a non-stop class in how to use the language. Learn to use it to craft the words into a symphony.
  • Edit Brilliantly: Edit your work. Never submit a first draft. Craft your draft. Only submit your best work, so edit with a strong and graceful hand.
  • Get Feedback: There are many groups dedicated to helping you publish, giving you the high-powered review and critique you may need to succeed in the marketplace. Writers in the Grove members will give you gentle feedback, designed to encourage rather than discourage, though we will give you a harder review if you ask, we are not publishing experts nor editors, just writers with experience. In addition to our group, look for groups focused on publishing in our area or online to improve your professional writing skills.
  • Network and Build Relationships: Some writers rarely submit their work for publication. Editors invite them to submit because they have established a connection, a relationship, and reputation for quality work. Look for opportunities in your community to attend other writing groups, conference, and workshops to get to know others in the business. Travel to writing conferences, and find a way to connect with those who are buying your work.
  • Take Classes, Read Articles, Study Books, Learn Writing: You are never too old or experienced to stop learning about your craft. Luckily, the Portland area is stuffed with exceptional colleges and educational facilities offering writing courses, workshops, and events. Don’t forget the Willamette Writers and their monthly activities and annual conference.
  • Learn What Publishers Want and Need: As with everything, writing is part of the supply and demand economy. You have to give them what they want to buy. Carefully study their publication. Read through their guidelines for writing and submission as well as their want lists to give them just what they need.

Your Writing is Now a Business

Did you know that many short stories were picked up by agents and publishers to be turned into novels and movies? Orson Scott Card’s famous, award-winning book, Ender’s Game, started out as a short story. It not only became an international bestseller, with numerous sequels, but also a movie. (more…)

Wintersong 2016: Submission Application and Guidelines

Wintersong is Writer’s in the Grove’s First Annual Juried Winter Reading Event on Saturday, January 16, 2016, a public reading in the Mt. Jefferson Room, Jennings-McCall Center, 2300 Masonic Way, Forest Grove, OR, from 1:30 PM to about 3:00.

Writer’s in the Grove is currently accepting submissions from writers of one or more pieces of prose or poetry that can be read aloud within four minutes. Entries must be original, written by the applicant, and not infringe upon copyrights. Selection is based upon originality, writing style, and quality of work, and humor is appreciated. Some preference may be given to authors who’ve never read at Lend an Ear. Submissions must be family friendly.

To enter your submission, please use this Wintersong Submission Application 2015-2016.

The event is open to the public, free, and welcome to all. Please join us for a delightful afternoon on Saturday, January 16 at 1:30PM.